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The Most Affordable & Practical Method for Fixing Concrete

Over time, the fill beneath a concrete slab erodes or settles due to poor compaction during construction, water intrusion or heavy use causing the slab to lose stability and settle. Concrete lifting is the process of injecting a specialized polyurethane lifting foam underneath settled or unstable slabs to raise and support them. VIP is your #1 choice for restoring the alignement of your concrete in all residential and commercial applications.

sunken concre slab before mudjacking concrete lifting concrete repair
fixed concre slab after mudjacking concrete lifting concrete repair

The process is faster, cleaner, less invasive and less expensive than replacing concrete. It is a repair that will outlast the life of your concrete, but is easily excavatable when the time comes to replace the slab.

Drill pump patch. How we raise your broken concrete through mudjacking concrete lifting

Polyurethane concrete lifting uses far fewer holes than your typical 5cm mudjacking process. Our smaller 16mm is all that necessary for an injection port, the finished appearance is less obtrusive, causing lesser slab weakening and blends in better!

hole size polyurethane smaller and fewere holes than mudjacking

The VIP Advantage:

  • Smaller holes than traditional mudjacking.

  • Non-Disruptive – little noise.

  • Clean – no “Mud”, no “Water”.

  • Not affected by Freeze/Thaw conditions.

  • Vehicle traffic within 20 minutes.

  • Eliminates Tripping Hazards (Eliminate Liabilities).

  • Provides for excellent under slab insulation. (frost protection).

  • Huge savings up to 50-75% of the cost for slab replacement.

  • Extend Service Life of Slabs.

  • Small drilled holes – 5/8″ (16mm) diameter are easily repaired after injection – ecstatically acceptable.

  • Long Term Durability.

  • Will not shrink, settle or wash away with water presence.

Commercial concrete lifting services. Raise concrete slabs and fix any commercial property

We are faster!

Our Foam Lifting crews can lift up to 12 times faster than standard slab jacking or mudjacking crews in many situations. Because of the small hole size and ability to lift larger areas per hole, foam lifting is much quicker than slab jacking.  Because of the equipment design, upon arriving on a job, foam lifting crews are typically actively lifting slabs within 10 minutes of arrival for typical repairs.


Less disruptive to you!

Foam lifting is the quietest and fastest process for stabilizing and raising settled concrete slabs.  Because of the small hole size, drilling is fast and quiet, and there is virtually no noise associated with the injection process itself.  The equipment for foam lifting is self-contained in a tow behind enclosed trailer, which is can be parked 300 feet from the direct work location.


Light weight

Light weight material reduces the overburden on underlying soils, reducing the chances for resettlement.  Even the highest density polyurethane foams used for foam lifting are significantly lighter than alternative cement lifting and stabilization materials.  This reduces the amount of additional burden weight placed on the underlying soils reducing risk or re-settlement.On average, polyurethane foam weighs 2lbs per cubic foot verses over 100lbs of added for a cubic foot of mud.


Waterproof eliminates erosion

High density polyurethane is waterproof, so treated slabs are thoroughly under-sealed.  Polyurethane can also be installed in water (CLC- 401G), so flow testing or water stop applications with active flows are not a problem.  Because of the near-immediate curing, water stopping jobs are fast and easily tested on site to ensure efficacy of the repairs.


Heavy slabs

Because of its high expansion force and ability to spread under large areas of slabs and structures before expanding, high density polyurethane can lift extremely heavy slabs with ease.  These include roadway slabs, bridge approaches, rail crossings and slabs with heavy loads, such as machinery bases and floors with backup battery power packs. (CLC-401)


Areas where cleanliness is important

Due to the small, infrequent holes, dustless drilling is easy.  Additionally, because there is a mechanical connection between the injection equipment and the slab, no material is exposed to the surface or surroundings.  Automatic, mechanical valves on the injection equipment prevent leakage of material when not injecting.



Walkways, driveways, garage floors to basement floors, patios and pools.  Commercial – Arena floors, warehouse floors, factory floors,  office floors, to exterior sunken slabs, such as loading ramps.  Void filling cavities and washed out pipe breaches.  Raising, Leveling and Stabilizing all types of concrete slabs.  Industrial – heavy civil work, highway pavements, approach slabs, equipment bases to stabilizing support pedestals for equipment, oil pumping platforms to airport runways are all possible projects that we will consider and much more…. Call the experts at Concrete Lifting Canada.


Our Process- Simple, Clean and Fixed!

  • Depending on the location of the project, and before any polyurethane injections takes place, if needed local utility crews may be called in to do Utility Locates. If not required, a careful onsite examination is done to scan area for any hazards prior to starting any work.

  • Once the area has been scanned and marked, we can safely and confidently drill a series of access points in the affected area. These access points are small, 5/8” drill holes that allows the polyurethane foam to be injected under the concrete.

  • Specially designed ports are securely attached to the access points to allow injection of specialized polyurethane foam.  

  • The polyurethane foam is injected through the ports and expand deep into the loose soil base.  The expanding foam stabilizes weak soils and fills all subsurface voids. Crews carefully monitor the process to insure a safe and effective lift.

  • Once the sunken concrete has been leveled and stabilized the access points are patched and the repaired area is ready for use.

VIP provides residential and commercial concrete lifting concete raising mudjacking slabjacking and concrete repair services to residents of Southern Ontario including GTA, Toronto, Etobicoke, Scarborough, Mississauga, Brampton, Hamilton, London, Markham, Vaughan, Kitchener, Burlington, Oshawa, Barrie, St. Catherines, Cambridge, Guelph, Waterloo, Pickering, Peterborough, Stratford, Bowmanville, and more. Check the 'About Us' section to view our service area. Call us now and let us fix your sunken walkway, driveway, and more.  - mudjacking, slabjacking, concrete, concrete lifting, lifting, sidewalk lifting, jacking, slab, slab jacking, leveling, slab leveling, sidewalk, sidewalk leveling, garage, floor, patio, pool, deck, stamped concrete, walkway, residential, commercial, professional - 

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